See below for a full list of the application materials, City Staff reports, community presentations, and meeting notes related to our proposal.

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— Rezoning & Site Plan Application

Planning Rationale
Pedestrian Level Wind Study
Sun & Shadow Study
Heritage Impact Statement
Stormwater Management Report
Transportation Impact Study
Servicing Report
Geotechnical Study
Application Form
Owners Authorization
Mass Model
Energy Modeling Report (Part 1)
Energy Modeling Report (Part 2)
TGS V3 Energy Efficiency Reporting Workbook (Part 1)
TGS V3 Energy Efficiency Reporting Workbook (Part 2)
Pre-Consultation Checklist
Parks Issues Letter
Site Plan
Architectural Plans (Part 1)
Architectural Plans (Part 2)
Civil and Utilities Plans
Landscape and Lighting Plans
Email from AHO
Project Data Sheet
Cover Letter
Draft Zoning Bylaw Amendment FGZBL
Draft Zoning Bylaw Amendment 569-2013
Fee Schedules
Hydrogeological Report
Public Consultation Strategy
Environmental Impact Phase One
Tree Preservation Plan
Tree Preservation Report and or Declaration
Green Standard Statistics (1 of 2)
Green Standard Statistics (2 of 2)

— Community Information Sessions

Community Consultation Meeting – May 29, 2019

City Planning Presentation
Project Team Presentation

— City Staff Reports

Report from Affordable Housing Office – April 2019
Preliminary Report – April 2019

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